About me

Whether you are a large corporation, a small business just getting started, I can help! Your future on the Internet begins today - take the first step and call me to discuss your web development and business needs.

I am a London based Internet Technology developer offering custom built Internet Business Applications
I am well established in the industry, with many years of internet development experience behind me.
I am highly technical and extrememly experienced in all aspects of business applications, offering advanced applications with simple intuative interfaces being the major goal.

I offer a range of solutions to help all types of business get their message, brand and wares online.

  • large database driven business critial web applications
  • streaming media websites and adverts
  • secure online payment processing websites
  • large traffic generating marketing websites


Bespoke Development

I specialise in empowering clients to effectively manage all forms of eContent within Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites. Many organisations are already benefiting from custom built Content Management Sysytems giving them full control of there internet presence.

With minimal training, anyone within your organisation can publish website, intranet and extranet content, breaking down technical limitations on communication and transforming information into useful, accessible knowledge.

  • Custom built content managed websites.
  • Global Contact Management Systems for business critical relationships.
  • Integrated online recruitment systems.
  • Complete online retailing solution.

Graphic Design

Knowing that each organisation has unique needs, and that one solution will not work for all clients. I employ a wide range of knowledge, skill, and experience to discover and deliver creativity that best meet the specific needs of each client.

  • complete corporate branding
  • PDF design
  • general website
  • banner ads
  • transparent layer ads
  • e-mail templates
  • audio CD
  • business card CD
  • promotional DVD


Having helped to process hundreds of thousands of transactions I can help you put in place measures to minimise fraud and ensure your customers' details are encrypted for transmission and securely processed at all steps of the buying process on your site.

  • custom design and build to your specification
  • complete end to end secure hosting
  • secure payment processing
  • product warehousing and order fulfilment
  • customer services and telephone management
  • online marketing and promotion
  • detailed reporting and analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are constantly evolving with the aim of providing higher quality and more relevant search results.

For me SEO service is broken down in to two areas:

  • On-site search engine optimisation - this involves making sure your site is easy for search engines to index and each pages tells the search engines what it is about
  • Off-site search engine optimisation - this involves getting your site known on the internet, so search engines have a reason to think your site is worthy of being on page one



If you want people to see your web site, it has to be hosted somewhere and if you want it to load quickly everytime, it has to be hosted in the right place.

I host my client's sites in a data centre at Canary Wharf , London . Having a well balanced global network ensures your sites experience virtually no downtime and that the visitors are served pages quickly and without errors.

The servers are all protected by State of the art Firewalls, regular security updates, backups and performance monitoring; in fact work is done around the clock to ensure your site is running at optimal performance all the time.