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Daniel Scott

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Founder - Technical Director, Carbon IT Ltd

July 2001 – present

Main responsibilities

Major Achievements


Head of Ecommerce Development for Metrodome Group plc

December 1999 – July 2001




System Co-Ordinator , Ford Motor Company (Brentwood - UK head office)

April 1997 - Oct 1999

Working along side the project manager for the brand new "Ford Online" website. A ground breaking web development team which developed the buy your car online website.


Network Administrator / Technical Manager, Ford Motor Company (South Ockenden - Development plant & Dagenham - Training center)

April 1997 - Oct 1999

After installing 2 new networks I was then requested to administor the first network I installed as well as over see the initial stages of the install in the Dagenham plant. Developing user groups for system feedback and requests, participating in IT direction meetings for Ford globally, part of the Global administration team for the new systems, facilitating a mobile work force covering UK, Germany, Spain and France.


Project Manager, Ford Motor Company (Liverpool Halwood- Build Plant)

April 1996 - April 1997

After the sucessful migration of the South Ockenden plant I was requested to manage the migration of the Liverpool Halwood plant. My main duties was to liase with the various departments and plan the pc migration for over 1500 workers. Audit the plants pc's and software, find solutions to non standard requirements, Co-ordinate training and install schedules, train the current IT support and server administrator.


IT Support, Ford Motor Company (South Ockenden - Development plant)

July 1994 - April 1996

Providing network/PC helpdesk support for over 900 users, staff IT training, troubleshooting and network administration. This was the first Ford plant in the UK to use the new servers and PC's


PC Roll-out, Ford Motor Company (South Ockenden - Development plant)

July 1994 - April 1996

Migrating the plants pc's from windows 3.1 to windows 95.
Insuring that all users legacy systems work correctly on their new pc.


Key Technical Skills

Design                   Adobe CS4 Suite (and all previous versions), Flash video encoding
Platforms              Coldfusion8, Microsoft.NET, Apache, IIS, windows server 2000 -2008, Unix
Coding                  SQL, CFM, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX
Admin/Support    MS Exchange Server, IBM DB2, MS SQL server , MYSQL Server, DNS



St Bonaventure’s RC School -- 13 GCSEs
City College -- 3 A-levels
Waltham Forest College (part-time) -- HND Computing
North London University -- Business Law (half degree)


Further Training


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